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Presentation of Tudor: I am not a Sergeant of Iron.

23-03-2024 17:35

Magno Giampiero

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Presentation of Tudor: I am not a Sergeant of Iron.

Today there was the official presentation of Igor Tudor, with the president Claudio Lotito also present at the press conference. Here is an excerpt from the con

Today there was the official presentation of Igor Tudor, with President Claudio Lotito also present at the press conference. Here is an excerpt from the conference:

What kind of morale and motivation have you found at Lazio? "I found players ready to work, with an excellent work ethic, thanks to the work of the previous coach. We are starting a journey with a solid foundation, each coach brings something of their own, I will have to be good at introducing new concepts on an existing basis, it won't be easy but the group is healthy."

Why Lazio and what tactical approach will Lazio have? "Who would refuse a bench like Lazio's? I accepted because the club has a project. On a tactical level, we will work, we need to understand who will be good at interpreting something new. For now, let's focus on earning many points and finishing the season well, and we also have a Coppa Italia to face. Then we will think and work well for the future."

How to reassess Kamada? "I don't talk about individuals, based on what I see in training, I decide. The desire to prepare to win brings you to achieve high levels."

Do you consider yourself an Iron Sergeant? "I don't like it, I have already done many training sessions and haven't needed to raise my voice, the group is collaborative and has a sense of work."

How important is this end of the season? "We want to start well immediately, there are tough games right away, but I like it that way. We need to try to progress, the desire to improve and grow helps you, because in the end it's the players who decide, their desire to do well. I don't like to think about the future and plan, we plan the present and prepare each match as best as possible."

Relationship with Guendouzi? "Matteo is a guy with a strong and fiery personality, he always wants to play and gives his best on the field. I am happy to have him in the team."

How to recover Immobile: "Ciro, here, has made history. He is beloved by the fans, he is a great guy, he cares a lot about this group. I saw him celebrating from the bench in the last game and that's positive."

What midfield will it be and will we see a Lazio with two forwards? "We'll see over time how the chessboard will be, we need to see who already has the right movements and who will have to learn them. We have to do everything, forwards, backwards, pressing, ball recovery. Sometimes we can line up with two forwards."

Goals and your role in the market? "Now we give our best, for the future we will always discuss with the club."

In Verona you exalted your offensive trio, Barak, Caprari, and Simeone, at Lazio you have different players, how will you work? "I believe that a coach must be intelligent and adapt to the players he finds because you do the same job with different players and each one assimilates it differently. Of course, you can work and improve."

Difficulties in transitioning to a three-man defense? "As I said, we have to work, playing with 4 or 3 goes into the player's desire to grow. We have strong defenders who are working well."

What philosophy do you want to convey to Lazio? "There are many factors, you have to know how to defend and attack. I like to win, of course, fans and the club would like to see a show. I always try to win, but if you see that you are inferior, a bit of defense doesn't hurt."

Where do you see Luis Alberto fitting into your system? "Returning to the discussion about defenders, they are strong players. Luis Alberto can play as an attacking midfielder but also as a central midfielder. He could also be used as a deep-lying playmaker, I see him eager to do well."